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Are you a handy man or woman who loves to fix or repair things indoors or take care of outside grounds? This team helps keep Southpoint’s properties well maintained.

Open Arms Food Pantry
This team provides assistance through the Open Arms Food Pantry to members of the congregation and community in need. Anyone can contribute by placing donations in the labeled bins at every campus at any time; Or commit to help out on Wednesday evenings during the pantry’s open hours. (The pantry is at Southpoint’s Trenton campus.)

Medical Response
Use your medical training at church! This team provides first responder techniques to individuals in emergency situations during the services or for special events. Must have current or up-to-date medical credentials.

Do you put the safety of others first? This team keeps the congregation and children safe at various events, concerts and weekend experiences. Must be a Southpoint Member.


IT Support
Are you a computer geek? If so this ministry may be for you! Troubleshoot and repair problems within our computer systems and keep us up and running.

Volunteer Receptionist
Love to talk? This position helps the church to function efficiently and effectively by answering phones and directing guests during office hours. Also lends a hand with various administrative tasks as applicable.

Are you able to use a basic spreadsheet and have good attention to detail? This team counts and records the weekend offerings. Must be a Southpoint Member, and other restrictions apply.

Congregational Care
This team offers Christ’s love, care and assistance to the members and regular attendees in the church and responds to the special needs or concerns not met by other ministries, with a focus on holiday programs.


Copywriting or Copyediting
Do you have a way with words? Help create, edit or proofread material for written and spoken presentation formats, including event promotions, announcements, creative elements for services, social media, and even videos.

Email Communications
Design and edit content that is sent by email for central communications and various ministry teams. Develop strategies for automation and list segmentation, enabling us to create more customized content and targeted messages to improve engagement.

Graphic & Print Design
Create images and publications including event title graphics, slides for services, invite cards, fliers, brochures, booklets, signs, social media graphics and website design elements. Having access to Photoshop (graphics) and/or Publisher (print) is preferred, but not required for all projects.

Have experience in developing or executing marketing strategies? This team is for you! Help us Win Downriver to Christ by developing concepts spanning many formats (targeting internal and/or external audiences and utilizing focus groups), working with budgets and timelines, and collaborating with other teams to produce content.

Social Media
This team is part administrative and part creative. Develop ideas and publish content for multiple platforms. Keep up with the latest trends and algorithms, growing our reach and effectiveness. Collaborate with others on writing, photography, graphic design, and more. Must be a Southpoint Member.

The first impression many people have of a business is based on their website, so help ours be great! In 2019 we are rebuilding our website on a platform called Rock RMS which uses CSS, LESS, and HTML. If you have any experience with those languages, and want to serve the church this way, let us know! Ongoing work will include creating new pages, enhancing what we have, routine updating of content, and occasionally creating special standalone websites. Must be a Southpoint Member.

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