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Guest Experience


Info Central
Like being in the center of what’s going on? Help provide direction and information to the congregation as well as assisting with next steps.

Brew Crew
This team helps bring people together by serving refreshments before and after services to create a warm environment.

This team is our very first impression! Help make everyone who enters, feel welcomed and at home.

Contribute to our worship services by preparing communion and/or helping to be that friendly face, assisting our guests, passing out communion and collecting offering.


First Step
Everyone needs to know what’s next. Be a part of this once a month experience where people learn what the church is about, what we believe, our history and what’s next for them. Opportunities include: food, childcare, coaching, setup, and next steps follow-up.

Guest Follow-Up
Help make sure our new guests feel welcomed and connected through texts, postcards, and additional follow-up. You can make a difference in the life of those who are searching for Jesus or a church home!

VIP Guest Reception
If you enjoy meeting new people, this is the place for you! Greet new guests at our VIP Guest Reception area where you will welcome them, answer questions and give them a gift.


Baptism Host
Baptism is a memorable experience. This team helps to make it a time that is not intimidating or confusing by passing out towels and other items, to assure our guests are comfortable and have all they need.

Laundry Team
This very important ministry launders the baptism clothing and towels so as to always be prepared for those who come to dedicate their lives to Christ.

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