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Creative Arts


Praise Team
Consisting of multiple bands, this team prepares, rehearses and leads the musical worship for our Weekend Experiences. (Audition required.)


If you are a techie (or wish you were!), this is where you want to be. Graphics volunteers are in charge of displaying lyrics, video clips, and graphics on screens during our Weekend Experiences.

Lighting Engineer
If you’re a bright personality with a desire to shine, this team designs and runs the lighting environments for our Weekend Experiences.

Service Leader
Can you multi-task and lead others with an eye for detail? Service Leaders are responsible for making sure everything goes right and runs smoothly during our Weekend Experiences.

Stage Manager
Hanging out with our bands and speakers is really fun! Come chill with us and aid the flow of the Weekend Experiences by making sure all enter and leave the stage on cue.

Video Cameras
If you’ve got an artistic flair and a keen eye for action, this is where it’s at. Being behind the camera instead of in front, this team runs the video cameras to capture all the awesome, live moments of worship.Trenton campus only.

Video Technician
“Ready 1, Go 1!” This is so much fun! These are leaders that thrive under pressure. They are great at quick decision-making while finding the perfect time to cut to the right camera angle.Trenton campus only.

Visual Media Squad
If you like capturing an experience, then this is for you. This team captures the weekend experience with photo and video. Being a fly on the wall, observing those moments that we just don’t want to miss.


Visual Storytellers
Do you like movies? How fun would it be to be part of the filmmaking process? If you like to tell stories with technology, this could be your sweet spot. Equipped with the latest technology, our cinematographers bring the stories from people that God has impacted to life. Using various software, editors take the video, the audio, some music and weave it together to create this beautiful tapestry of art that will inspire, educate, or entertain. Some experience may be required but training can be provided!

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